Francesca Anderson /

Francesca Anderson is a botanical artist and illustrator who specializes in natural history drawings in pen and ink. Her botanical illustration has been featured in prominent scientific publications, field guides, as well as books and magazine articles on contemporary botanical art.

Her botanical art has been exhibited in museums in Sweden, Scotland, London, South Africa, Australia, Berlin, and Japan. Selected one-woman shows include The National Wildlife Federation, The Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University, The New Mexico Museum of Natural History, Wave Hill, The New York Botanical Garden, Brooklyn Botanic Garden, The Missouri Botanical Garden, Cheekwood, The Tennessee Botanical Garden and Art Museum, The United States National Arboretum, The American Horticultural Society, and The Horticultural Society of New York.

Francesca Anderson's botanical drawings are in private collections in the U.S. and abroad including The Denver Museum of Art, The Smithsonian Museums, The Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation, The Lindley Library of The Royal Horticultural Society, The National Museum of Art of Scotland, and the Shirley Sherwood Collection in London. Her commissions include the drawings for The Orchid Room at the '21' Club, New York.

Francesca is a Fellow of The Linnean Society of London, a Trustee of Brooklyn Botanic Garden and Founder and President of The Brooklyn Botanic Garden Florilegium Society. She is a former board member and "2009 Artist of the Year" of The American Society of Botanical Artists.